Why this event?

The historical Stonewall riots unfolded in Greenwich Village, New York – 50 years ago.  This year, the worldwide LGBTQIA community will be remembering this historical anniversary, and Star View Children & Family Services will be hosting Compton’s first ever PRIDE celebration.  

Star View’s PRIDE Celebration will be held at Compton College on Saturday, July 6th.  Entertainers, food trucks, vendors and a DJ will bring joy to the campus, and an opportunity for LGBTQIA youth to mark their positive and growing visibility in Compton and South Central Los Angeles. The struggle for gay rights continues; the PRIDE Event marks the progress of the LGBTQIA community across the world. 

In our work with LA’s youth, Star View creates safe spaces for all youth, including members of the LGBTQIA population. Star View supports LGBTQIA youth as they claim their identity in their families, schools, and public spaces. We encourage safety, a positive outlook, and dignity. It’s in this spirit that we are celebrating the anniversary of Stonewall, gay rights, and the development of a healthy society.

Why compton?

Compton is a perfect place to recognize the benefits of diversity. Compton holds a unique place in California history – noted for resilience and creativity, Compton has nurtured a diverse bounty of celebrated Americans.  Many Compton personalities have achieved global fame in business, the arts, academia, and athletics. And many of these celebrities return to invest in Compton’s future. Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar explained when he was awarded key to the city:  “I'm going to always from Day One scream Compton and make sure I come back to this community…”  While Compton’s African-American community is historically prominent, the city’s collection of celebrities is diverse, including notable actors Marilyn Monroe and Kevin Costner. Compton is one of the birthplaces of hip-hop style, whose influence have reached world-wide. The ruling dynasty of tennis, the Williams family, has given back to the community and promote entrepreneurship.


Like LGBTQIA youth, Compton is easily underestimated, even marginalized. Star View recognizes the dynamic and valuable energy of both of these communities, and we are delighted to host an event that highlights the best of LGBTQIA PRIDE in Compton.

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