free event


Family Event

Compton Pride will take place at WEHO PRIDE in the city of West Hollywood this year.  Our stage will be located on Robertson/Santa Monica Blvd at the Robertson Stage.  This is a FREE event for all ages.  

The event is open to people of all ages, including children.

Daily permit parking pay stations

location & hours

      saturday, June 4,2022
            compton pride
    in person performances
              7pm to 10pm 


For Parking guidelines and information visit  https://www.weho.org/



check https://www.weho.org/ for more information.


Lost & Found

During the festival, all found items are brought to security.  After the event, please contact https://www.weho.org/ regarding any lost items.

Pet Policy

Filming & Photography Policy

Compton Pride assumes no responsibility for persons opposed to being photographed or filmed.