free event


Family Event

Admission is free all day. Merchandise Vendors and Food Vendors will be present for your convenience. You make purchases with cash. If you run low on cash, no worries. There are plenty of ATMs on site. Please note that some vendors do accept credit cards.

The event is open to people of all ages, including children.

Daily permit parking pay stations

location & hours

Info Coming Soon. 



There is no on-site camping.

Alcohol Beverages

Alcohol Beverages will not be served at this event.


ATM’s will be available on the festival site.

Rain or Shine

The event will take place, rain or shine.

Pet Policy

No animals are permitted at the festival per Compton College's policy, with the exception of service animals specially trained to help the disabled. 

Lost & Found

During the festival, all found items are brought to the Information Booth by the main entrance. After the event, please contact Princess Murray, pmurray@starsinc.com regarding any lost items.

Filming & Photography Policy

Only Star View Children & Family Services reserves the right to film and photograph all festival activities for promotional use. Please be advised that upon entry, you are granting permission for your image to be used in any and all promotional materials. Star View Children & Family Services assumes no responsibility for persons opposed to being photographed or filmed. No professional cameras will be allowed unless accompanied by a festival photo pass.

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